Solar Energy Course

Solar energy: from Fundamentals to Practice is course provided to engineers through the Association of Professional Engineers in BC (EGBC).

Solar technologies explosive growth is due in part to its low-cost and easiness but this apparent simplicity can be deceptive.  There are many critical elements in the design and implementation of a solar PV system that may affect its cost, efficiency, financial return or life expectation,  such as location, tilt angle, AC/DC ratio, equipment performance & quality, shading, tracking, temperature, derating, interconnection, utility requirement, and more


The seminar presents the fundamentals of PV solar so that attendees will understand the key principles of the technology and how implement it effectively and efficiently. It covers the following topics:

  • How photovoltaic works.
  • How to calculate energy production and losses of a PV system.
  • What are the most current technologies.
  • How to improve system efficiency.
  • How to improve quality and reduce risks.
  • What are the most recent pricing trends.
  • How to calculate financial returns.
  • What are the main consideration in operation and maintenance (O/M) 


This half-day course has been attended by more than 800 engineers. It is offered periodically through the continuous education program of EGBC.