Solar Energy Maps of Canada

Our solar energy maps have a very fine definition based on a 10×10 km grid of satellite data (100,000 points across Canada).
Each point indicates the annual energy yield in kWh per kWp calculated for 2 mounting systems: the simpler and less efficient – fixed mounting at optimum tilt angle and the most complex and efficient – dual axis tracker. All other mounting arrangement f.ex horizontal axis system will fall between the 2 extremes The results take into account the conditions that may affect PV performance such as ambient temperature or low irradiation. The maps are on P95 statistical data.  
EcoSmart solar maps are more precise than any other maps generally available for Canada.


Alberta (AB)

British Columbia (BC)

Manitoba (MB)

New Brunswick (NB)

Newfoundland (NF)

Nova Scotia (NS)

Ontario (ON)

Quebec (QC)

Saskatchewan (SK)